Addressing Eating Disorders And The Sale Of Weight Loss Pills And Muscle Building Supplements To Minors

Over-the-counter (OTC) diet pills and muscle-building dietary supplements are a multi-billion dollar industry in the US, but due to lax regulation, these products are often laced with dangerous, undisclosed ingredients and are not medically recommended. The industry targets marginalized communities, and there are no restrictions on sale to children. In response, a youth-led research and policy group helped to organize advocacy campaigns in New York, California, and Massachusetts to support legislation in each state to ban the sale of these predatory products to minors. The poster will describe the different youth advocacy methods used. 

Ryan Ahmed


International Socioeconomics Laboratory

Ryan Ahmed is the Founder of the International Socioeconomics Laboratory and hopes to pioneer the concept of developing innovative systems in healthcare through interdisciplinary approaches to uplift communities from the ground up. He is working towards this by building up communities that democratize access to making an impact through meta-analysis on public health and socioeconomic data in order to lead impacts in policy. He is one of the advocates organizing substantial work in various states across the United States to combat health inequity surrounding the youth's access to dangerous products. Also, as Co-Principal Author of work surrounding the biological nasopharynx region at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Columbia Vagelos School, leading the publication of a new classification in murine translative salivary glands, he is opening up new perspectives in the way we view anatomy which would have an impact on dysphagia, xerostomia, and malignancy.

Rehan Yazdani

Tulane University

Rehan Yazdani is an incoming business student at Tulane University. He has an interest in using policy to create a more ethical and consumer friendly business environment. Rehan has been an integral part of the International Socioeconomics Laboratory (ISL) policy outreach and has spearheaded efforts to push ISL research to lawmakers. Some of his ongoing projects include expanding access to healthcare in New York City and the recovery of cities after the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, Rehan has served on the Student Leadership Council for the New York Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). In this role he and his colleagues raised crucial funds for LLS throughout the pandemic. At Tulane University Rehan hopes to do research on how large multinational businesses can help fight against healthcare inequality.


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